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Aggiornamento: 10 giu 2020

Abstract: "Zero Attach" properties assist in the neutralizing of the Rth impact of TIM.

Finar Buffer application to leadframe, DBC or ABC virtually removes the contribution of TIM Rth contribution to that of the total system. Since TIM can account for >50% total system Rth it is clear that any improvement here can have considerable benefits. At Finar Module we strongly believe that the entire packaging system Rth needs to be addressed holistically. As a result we believe that the mounting procedure and its impact of the total system performance ARE the Manufacturer's responsibility and opportunity.

In fact, we have done some further analysis to demonstrate that a first and easy application of FM Tech should be as a TIM Assist and can be applied at the interface between the power device and the heat sink. This would require limited testing as existing internal packaging does not need to be adapted. Mounting procedure and output ARE producer responsibility.

Finar Buffer as you can see in the drawing below is a self-standing closely packed pin grid array (CPPGA).

When attach material is put between Finar Buffer and another material it is forced into the interstitial spaces between the pins, or seen another way the pins pierce the attach material, such that between the end of the pin and the facing material there is "Zero Attach".

Fantastic grip! BUT more importantly it minimizes the thermal resistance of the attach material!!

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