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FM Tech will be a big  future "Disruptor".  It is a rock-solid, cheap, reliable  solution,  bringing huge cost savings.
FM Tech addresses the thermal dynamic of the entire packaging system.  We came from a different perspective, so we never set out to make incremental improvements in the component parts.  We have a whole new and simplified platform.  Cost savings are driven from a significant reduction in chip size requirement and simplified architectures, with Finar Buffer replacing many of the conventional components.
As a result, FM Tech works across the spectrum of power devices:
  • Un-insulated Discretes
  • Insulated Discretes
  • Power Modules
  • Intelligent Power Modules
  • High Power Stack Packs
  • Press Packs
  • Studs
  • LEDs
It can also handle Wide Bandgap (WBG) semiconductor materials - the next generation semiconductors.
FM Module New No Attach.png
FM Tech Power Module - Simple Building Blocks
FM Module New.png
FM Tech Power Module  with Attach
  • 70% Reduction in Thermal Resistance
  • 50% Increase in Power Density
  • Long Lifespan: 180X Lesit
  • 30% Decrease in Bill of Materials (Costs)
In an extremely price sensitive industry the advantages of FM Tech and the opportunities it will create will really make the difference.
In a nutshell, our technology enables you to get more power performance or smaller chips (therefore at lower cost) providing higher power densities all with greater robustness!!
See How It Works
Our performance improvements are game changing tectonic shifts!
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