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FM Tech also works wonders with LEDs.
  • 50% Reduction in Thermal Resistance
  • 20% Increase in Power Density
  • 20% Decrease in HS Dimension
  • Longer Lifespan
  • 10% Decrease in Bill of Materials (Costs)
  • Greener Process
  • Solder (Lead) Free
LED Rth.png
Standard LED Packaging Technology with IMS
FM tech for LEDs
The predominant solution for longevity in LED architecture is the IMS.  This composite structure, whilst solving the fracture / failure risks, has poor thermal conductivity.  FM Tech provides an economic solution that drastically reduces Thermal Resistance and consequently enables a reduction in LEDs or a reduction in Heat Sink dimension or both.  This does not comprise lifespan - in fact it improves it! All of these options lead to big cost reductions, which, in an extremely price sensitive industry is the difference between winning or losing.  So if you want to increase your market share get in touch! 
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