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FinarModule is actively seeking partners to help its acceleration into the marketplace. 
We want to collaborate with partners along the supply chain that believe in innovation and have the capacity to implement it in their road map. If you’re interested in discussing how we can help your company innovate and utilize FM Tech to provide market advantage, please Contact us.
Our activities so far have been concentrated on Research & Development.  Now our overriding objective is to create a small production line for the creation of Finar Buffer, to start the production of properly engineered samples and components. 
This is a Seed Capital proposition but due to the nature of this industry and the advances we have made, we are in a hybrid situation whereby our Seed Capital requirements are more akin to a Series -A Funding.
The power module market alone is circa $5 billion, the EBITDA standard for the sector is circa 15%, our technology will save 25% on cost.
In Phase 1, we are looking to create a first level production line (this will also involve hiring people) and carry out testing.  In Phase 2, we will need to boost that initial production capability and obtain the necessary certification.  We expect Phase 1 and 2 to cover a period of between 2 and 3 years.  Because we expect a large margin, once production is certified, payback could then be measured in months.
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