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White Paper. Abstract

Aggiornamento: 18 lug 2020

Finar Technology provides a broad solution that addresses the core of the cost benefit matrix in power device concept and design. That means the optimisation of power density with current and with reliability for any given power device design requirement from discretes all the way up to press packs.

Finar Technology provides a rock solid, cheap, reliable solution to packaging that transcends size and power density parameters. By incorporating our new technology, using stable and traditional materials the age-old limitations constricting design and performance are superseded, allowing new, rational easy configurations that not only lead to cost saving design and construction but also inherent robustness through our CTE Matching technology augmented by pressure packaging technique all resulting in outstanding thermal performance, electrical performance and reliability (even at high temperatures).

Our solution will do away with expensive ultra-engineered components and tricky and therefore expensive production processes. Welcome to a simplified, cheaper and more reliable solution.

Massive Cost Saving

Massive cost savings are driven by the use of much smaller chips which due to better thermal management can provide higher performance. BOM cost saving of over 30% just on the chip!!!

Even More Costs Savings

Dramatic reduction in design and production costs enabled by standard low-cost, stable materials.

Extreme Thermal Performance

CTE Matching solution to enable optimal thermal configuration

Extreme Reliability

> 150,000 thermal cycles; average T 120°C, DT 60°C, T Max 150°C

No degradation recorded!

> 20,000 thermal cycles; average T 150°C, DT 120°C, T Max 210°C

No degradation recorded!

Impact on Power Devices

The impact of Finar Module technology on uninsulated and insulated power devices is very large as thermal resistance can be roughly halved and thermal impedance dramatically improved.


Easy 3 D structures and double-sided cooling.

Excellent Grip with Resin

Finar Buffer offers extremely good gripping to resin mold as the surface topology provides a very large area for adhesion and mechanical locking capability. Due to the flexibility of Finar Buffer, the TEC mismatch with the resin is neutralised, removing any limitation to size.

Send us an email and we will happily send you the White Paper.

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