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Putting it in Perspective... We just raised the Bar!

Aggiornamento: 18 lug 2020

We performed a comparison of 8 different power modules, of similar size (300A, 1700V), from some of the major manufacturers with the performance of Finar Module, as declared by the University of Pavia in their report for Finar Module Sagl of the 16/11/2017.

We have taken the data from the official published datasheets for each power module as issued by each manufacturer, which allows us to estimate the thermal characteristics of the devices and especially the thermal resistance junction to heat sink, at switch level. Please note that all the considerations about the transition from device level to switch level are neglected as their effect is negligible in this context.

Since the sample of power modules have different interface areas and different interface materials (TIM), we have done a normalization procedure per area and TIM conductivity to isolate and compare the technological differences which are shown in Rth(j-hs) normalized.

Finar Module has the lowest Rth(j-hs)/cm2 compared to any other module in the sample!!

Send us an email and we will happily send you the full report.

Many thanks to Prof Enrico Dallago and Ing Marco Grassi for their analysis.

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