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HOT Power Cycling - Over 180 times better than LESIT!

Aggiornamento: 18 lug 2020

After the last test we wanted to raise the bar! So we used the same FM Prototype from the previous power cycle test and turned up the heat! At these conditions, Tm of 150°C and DT of 120°C its not meant to last long BUT we did over 20,000 cycle!! No degradation.

So, in detail what did do we do?

The test was done on an FM Prototype single diode, the chip was a 5SLZ86F170050A 1700V, this was acquired from ABB. The attach material was conductive resin. The FM Prototype was mounted on a TDC3358/200FMF12G Heat Sink with fan assisted air cooling. Rth j-hs was estimated at 0,4 K/W.

The Power Cycle used an average power input of 200W, Ton 8s and the Toff 8s, with a peak current of up to 280A! This produced a temperature cycle from Tmin 90°C and Tmax 210°C (Tm 150°C and DT 120°C).

The test was run over 90 hours, and we did 20,200 cycles, there was no change, problem, or wear and tear. We expect that at these temperatures our FM prototype could just go on and on.

At this point we wanted to know what we had to do to damage it, so we turned up the current to MAX power until the chip die cracked and a short circuit was formed between the semiconductor faces. The short circuit was stable.

Send us an email and we will happily send you the Full Report.

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