Extreme Thermo Mechanical Performance

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OUR MISSION: to revolutionize LED and power device packaging
FM Tech is a next generation idea, at its core is an engineered buffer structure, that provides CTE MATCHING properties between different materials in power device packaging and also has excellent thermal and electrical characteristics.  This provides phenomenal reliability and also allows optimal stacking architecture and simplified design and production, while still using standard economic materials.
  • Better performance
  • Higher power densities
  • Higher temperatures
  • Increased reliability
  • Longer life-spans
  • Reduced production cost

Most of today’s packaging technology limitations can be traced back to CTE mismatch between the different materials. Packaging technology has been focused on the traditional incremental approach to device design which focuses on improving the performance of the existing building blocks.  As a result the fundamentals of power device architecture haven't moved much in the last few decades and consequently conventional technologies have reached a power density plateau. 
We have the solution: see FM Tech for yourself.
Standard Power Module Packaging Technology

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